Maritime Security Products and Training

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Kuhlman Services LLC

DBA, Castle Shipboard Security Program

1314 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 308

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315 USA


Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) is a broker/ manufacturer/ and exporter of Master's Degree level education and training in Maritime Security and Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and related products.  KSL exports  such related products as survival kits, safety and security items, and body armor.  We currently have representation in South America, Europe, Africa, as well as the American heartland.  

The KSL goal is to provide a breadth and level of services that can assist the people of countries with special needs to protect and stabilize themselves from the unexpected and often deadly results of natural and man-made disasters, help develop their future leaders, and create greater access to the maritime industry.

Note:  As you read the information provided for you in this website, it is important to understand that each item, each service, and each concept is available to our clients for constructing a program designed specifically for them.  As our client, you will have access to some of the world's best.  It is your choice whether to call us and take advantage or not. 

Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) is a broker/exporter for Magnum Antiballistic Systems the manufacturer of the newest and most suitable antiballistic products available for the marine and maritime industries today. 


you are concerned about the safety and security of your charter yacht guests,; 

you are concerned about your crews and are seeking antiballistic products suitable for establishing antiballistic safe areas aboard ship:

you are concerned over your own safety while passage making; or 

you are a security provider to the marine or maritime industry;

then KSL is you best resource available todayContact us now!

Marisector LLC
stands for Maritime-Sector.  We are training and consulting specialists who provide in depth educational support for the maritime industry through expert teams of professionals meeting a wide range of client needs

Marisector’s primary thrust is educational support to the maritime industry.  Our educational services include a unique line of books designed to provide needed security and defense knowledge and expertise for the maritime industry. 

Marisector LLC offers effective training support solutions to counter piracy, terrorism,   crime, and civil unrest in the maritime,

If you are a/an:
Private maritime security specialist or security company supporting maritime contracts,
Maritime academy, college, university, or labor organization,
Operator of vessels, port facilities, or offshore facilities with security concerns, or
Agency or authority needing specialized security training materials and curriculums designed specifically for the maritime industry,

Contact us for:
Our books and manuals on maritime security and defense.
Licensing of maritime security and defense curriculums.
Support on maritime risk management, insurance, and funding.
Security assessment and quality assurance reviews.
Arranging for complete training and tactical support packages.
Speaking engagements.

Whether seeking new updated maritime security training materials tested at sea, upgrading in-house training, or maintaining an existing program,  Marisector LLC is the place to call, 954-528-1064.

Castle Shipboard Security Program provides custom security, defense, and tactical training for clients who provide security and defense support to the maritime industry.  Training is real-world and designed to ready security specialists for maritime assignments.   Courses and materials are written and taught by experienced mariners for maritime assignments.

Errors are too common; they cost lives, liberty, and treasure.  Most errors can be avoided with the right additional training.


You are a security specialist being assigned to maritime duties;

You are private agency sending personnel to maritime assignments;

You represent a public or military agency in support of the maritime industry; or

You are a decision maker responsible for security;

You should call CSSP at 954-529-1064 to find out what we have available for you.

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