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International Exporting and Brokerage

Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) is registered with the Department of State as a Broker and Manufacturer/Exporter.  We can assist in securing and exporting most security and safety product categories.  Although we provide military as well as civilian and law enforcement products, many under ITAR, we do not provide weapons or ammunition.  We also function as an agent for those clients seeking products to meet specific needs and/or needing knowledgeable consultation.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best safety and security products available for emergency and disaster preparedness.  We consider our line of survival kits as the best.  Since we are curriculum developers and university instructors with many years of real-world experience in the disciplines of maritime operations, hazardous materials management, and disaster and emergency preparedness, we are able to put this background into our client services and products. 

Our management model is to conduct business while assisting as many people in need of support as possible.  Therefore, our  custom  products  are manufactured using the resources of charitable and non-profit institutions.   Our clients will receive a fair price, KSL will make a fair profit, and the funds paid for services will have an effect far beyond a mere sale.  Together, we will make a difference.

Kuhlman Services LLC provides

products off the open market and develops new products to meet unique demands of our clients .  Such products include our premier product The Family Evacuation Survival Kit, our Mining Survival Kits, and our survival kits for extreme cold.  KSL also  provides kits for volcanic event survival and for forest service work.  Our kits are intended to meet the needs of any country, area, or region that is subject to life threatening natural and man-made disaster.

We have representation in South America, Africa,  Europe and our own American heartland

KSL has recently expanded its operations to include the provision of materials, qualified technical teams, and items for the hospitality industry in the renovation of several luxury hotels..

Disaster Survival Kits

Our Family Evacuation Survival Kit includes over 75 must-have disaster survival items for an evacuation event.

Component groups include:

  • Environment Protection
  • Food
  • Water
  • First Aid
  • Personal Communications
  • Emotional Stabilization
  • Personal Sanitation

Our Family Evacuation Survival Kit contains all the essential items to support a family or any group of four for three days (72 hours) in an evacuation environment in which mobility, communication, food, safe water, and protection from the elements are absolute necessities.


This survival kit is the ONLY survival kit we have found that is designed to meet the demanding and rigorous needs of a family or any group of four for three days in an evacuation environment.

4-Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit

(Shelter-in-place type)

This kit is a 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for home or car.

  • This comprehensive emergency survival kit contains effective and reliable emergency supplies to prepare for most disasters.
  • The kit includes food, water, lighting, radio and communication, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter.
  • The  kit Includes a  hand-cranked solar powered flashlight, weather band radio (USA frequencies), and a USB device charger that never needs batteries. The USB device charges smartphones and other USB devices so the family can stay in touch with family in the event of a disaster.

4-Person Deluxe Survival Kit

(Shelter-in-place type)

This kit is a 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for the car.

  • This survival kit contains the most critical emergency preparedness supplies including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for most disasters.

First Responder First Aid Kit
(For use under field conditions)

Supports 20-25 personnel in the field.  This kit was originally designed for use by the U.S. Forest Service. 

    This kit contains an extensive list of first aid items necessary for easy carry for extended durations in remote areas.  See for details.

Anti-ballistic Products

Professional security operators have identified their preferred requirements for anti-ballistic products suitable for their safety and success under real world conditions.  Kuhlman Services LLC, sometimes better known by its “DBA”, Castle Shipboard Security Program, has responded to the needs of these professionals and has applied them to the maritime and offshore industries.

Until recently most antiballistic products have been heavy, costly, and uncomfortable.  HOWEVER, through a new agreement between Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL and the manufacturer, Magnum Antiballistic Systems Inc. (MABS), security professionals and the maritime and offshore industries can take advantage of new antiballistic capabilities. 

Dirty Harry’s favorite .44 Magnum can’t penetrate this product – even point  blank.

MABS’s new product weighs 60% less than comparable Kevlar products.  It is so light weight that it is buoyancy neutral and can be worn with other common flotation devices making it ideal for marine use.   The product has better resistant qualities to UV radiation and has less acid and petroleum degradation than is found with Kevlar.  It is flexible and costs a fraction of comparable Kevlar products.   Kuhlman Services LLC will be happy to provide any interested client with complete laboratory results showing product comparisons.

The “Operator” product line

Stay mobile and protected.  Personal defense product preferences change.   At one time, because of the limitations of antiballistic products available, bulky and heavy products were sought after.  Many law enforcement and private security operators have found however that flexibility and lightness often keeps them safer and more responsive than does the heavier products commonly found in the field with the military. 

The “Operator “ line product line offers them protective body armor meeting their specific preferences, including antiballistic panels sized to fit into their field packs for even greater protection. 

Custom configured panels can be provided to harden vessels and vehicles to providing an even greater level of protection with less weight added.  The Operator line of products can encase the operator in a security cocoon of NIJ Level III A protection through panels in their vehicles or marine unit vessels at a fraction of the cost and weight of most other systems.  The security cocoon also includes cruiser windscreen and side window.

The  ”Mariner”  product line

Professional maritime operators have also found that flexibility and lightness in body armor makes them safer and more responsive than does heavier products.   Since the maritime industry is global in nature, the ability to wear the body armor comfortably when working and to travel easily with it on international flights have become important considerations that the MAG systems meet. 

To be effective for marine and maritime use antiballistic products must be lightweight enough not to interfere with a vessel’s stability requirements.  It must be virtually impervious to the UV, chemical degradation, and wear found on commercial vessels and around offshore oilfields.   The same product must be able to be measured and fitted into the tight spaces found shipboard.   

Like the Operator line of products, the “Mariner” line can encase the operators and crew in a cocoon of antiballistic strong points aboard ship.  The  Mariner line of products meets all of these requirements and even more.  The products are buoyancy neutral and are easily maintained, installed, and removed by shipboard personnel.  These products are a must for maritime operations around the world.

Interested parties can have their questions answered by contacting Kuhlman Services LLC, Castle Shipboard Security Program, or Marisector LLC

Teachers and Students need protection too.

How many innocent people must be threatened?  Recent events have shown that teachers and children need additional protection.   What does NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA mean to these potential victims; it means that they can have real, effective, and convenient protection.

Kuhlman Services LLC has gone beyond maritime security training to bring new lifesaving products to certain other “at risk” groups.  History has shown that the defenseless are the primary targets of violence from mentally unstable thugs. Teachers and students have become members of an at risk group and may need practical and effective defensive products.

Until recently most antiballistic products have been heavy, costly, and uncomfortable.  HOWEVER, through a new agreement between Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) and Magnum Antiballistic Systems, Inc. (MABS) the manufacturer, teachers and students can take advantage of new antiballistic capabilities. 

The “Educator” product line

In the Columbine and Sandy Hook attacks unprotected teaches and children suffered severe injury and deaths from mentally unstable attackers.  In Aurora the mere act of sitting in a movie theater was enough to result in many deaths. In neither case did the teachers, students, nor  theater goers had any meaningful personal protection available.  

It is true that rifle fire may need greater protection, but in the absence of armed security or law enforcement officers, the MAG1001 and MAG 1002 antiballistic products in the “Educator” line provide real protection from pistol fire and even shotgun fire.  The panels are sized to cover vital organs and can provide the time necessary for help to arrive.

The “Executive ” product line

VIPs and businessmen and women can easily become the targets of thieves, thugs, and kidnappers. They often hire highly skilled personal protection specialists, but most in business cannot afford such a luxury.  Those VIPs and business people who find themselves in a high risk situation should have useful body armor available if needed.  Most professional personal security specialists would insist.

The “Executive” line, provides protection for high visibility VIPs, business executives, and the lawful public who may find themselves in high risk neighborhoods or situations.  Quick to put on, comfortable, lightweight, easy to store, easy to remove, reasonably priced, and airline friendly, these may be the perfect products for adequate security.

Call Kuhlman Services LLC, the Castle Shipboard Security Program, or Marisector LLC for answers to your questions or to obtain testing results.

Anti-ballistic Test Results

Tested by White Laboratories in accordance with NIJ-STD-0101.06 Level 3A using caliber .44 magnum, 240 grain, SJHP ammunition at 17.3 feet distance.

Specific Property Main Industrial Fibers
Types of fibers/Mechanical Performance
                                                  Density  Strength   Strength    Strength  Modulus  Modulus  Modulus  Elongation
      G/cm3     N/dtex        G/d            Gpa        Ndex        G/d         Gpa           %    

MAG 1001 Ballistic Panel           0.97                 3.1                   36                        3                     97               1100                  95                 3-4.5
Aramid Kevlar                              1.44                  2.05                 23                        2.9                  41                 470                 60                 3.6
Carbon Fiber (high tenacity)      1.78                  1.9                   22                        3.4                134               1500                240                1.4
Steel Fiber                                   7.86                  0.2                   2                          1.77                25                 225                200                1.8

Contrast of Light Resistance
Types of Fibers                                     Test Method of Light Resistance             Maintaining Rate of Strength

MAG 1001 Ballistic Panel                Exposed under UV ray for 1500 hours                             90%
Aramid fiber (Kevlar)                      Exposed under UV ray for 1500 hours                             30%

Fibers retaining rate of strength after 6 months dipping in the following solvents
Solvent                                            MAG 1001 Ballistic Panel %                Aramid Fiber (Kevlar) %
Seawater                                                         100                                                      100
10% Detergent                                                 100                                                      100
Kerosene                                                         100                                                      100
Gasoline                                                          100                                                       93
Methylbenzene                                                  100                                                       72
Glacial Acetic Acid                                             100                                                       82
1M Hydrochloric Acid                                         100                                                       40
5M Sodium Hydroxide                                        100                                                       42
29% Sodium Hydroxide                                      100                                                       70
Chlorox Solution                                                  91                                                        0

Books Available About Maritime Security

Concepts in Maritime Tactics:  The maritime industry is not the military. This book is loaded with useful information to assist workers, managers, owners, and professional security personnel perform competently in their merchant marine assignments.  The book is filled with tactics to deal with threats from pirates, terrorists, criminals, and civil unrest at sea, in port, and at offshore facilities.  The book can be considered a foundational book suitable to keep aboard as a reference.  Many of the tactics and methods have been successfully tested at sea over an eight year period in regions ranging from the South China Sea to both coasts of Africa.  The remainder have been taken from a number of respected sources and applied to the specific needs of the merchant fleet.  This book is totally unique.                     


Security for Recreational and Charter Yachts:  This book was designed for use by sail and power yacht owners and their guests.  Recreational and charter yachts have unique requirements that begin with their construction for aesthetics and the enjoyment of their occupants rather than carrying out commerce and work.  Interactions with communities and port facilities ashore tend to be quite different than in the commercial industry.  This book will help the yachtsman cope with current threats and prepare for the dynamics of security that leads to the evolution of threats.              


Awareness for Maritime Security and Safety:  The maritime industry personnel work in the most hazardous environment on earth.  Through this environment passes over ninety percent of the world’s commerce, and commerce equals riches.  Because of the hazardous environment, the attraction of wealth to some unscrupulous individuals, and the availability of choice targets for terrorism, those who work in and around the industry should be aware of these hazards and be able to describe them to the appropriate authorities.  This book is intended to help the public who live near or work in the maritime industry become effective observers and cope with the hazards in and around the industry.                                


Basic Course in Maritime Security:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned maritime security duties whether aboard ship or ashore.  It is loaded with the information necessary to understand and cope with piracy, terrorism, crime, and civil unrest.  The course is also a familiarization source for working in an armed offshore environment.  This is a no nonsense manual for a no nonsense course.  The book deals with such topics as the use of a ship’s systems in defense, searches, various attacks and defensive methods, and the handling of a support vessel in a security role.                                        

Shipboard Security Team Officer/Leader:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned to maritime security leadership duties aboard ship or ashore.   

·    Many security leaders assigned to ships have been hired for their weapons capabilities and not their familiarity with the maritime industry.  This has led to errors in which innocents have been killed.  This is a problem that this manual helps resolve. 

·      Leadership in a multicultural environment requires a unique set of learned skills.  The teaching of these skills is an essential factor for successful training on any vessel.  This manual supports many of these training skills. 

·   In this manual are additional tactics, a tested decision making process, a discussion about where a leader’s authorities are codified along with various explanatory excerpts.

Firearms and Tactics in Maritime Defense:  Much has been said about the capabilities of defensive fire in the maritime industry.  Most of the comments have been negative.  To meet the needs of the maritime industry Castle Shipboard Security Program provides a university certificated training program to develop the skills unique to this industry.  In an industry over 4000 years old with traditions dating back prior to standing armies and navies, it is essential that security personnel understand the industry’s interactions and needs.  Engagements at 200 or more meters are often inappropriate, yet this is the military norm familiar to most security personnel.  This manual is for use by maritime personnel assigned to armed duty and as pre-deployment training for maritime security personnel.   



Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) is an experienced training and education support company.

Master of Science Degree in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.

Nova Southeastern University, Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, offers a Master of Science Degree in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.  Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) provides curriculum development and instruction for the degree's Maritime Track.  Degree Tracks also include Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, and Public Health disciplines.

The degree program has an online and remote learning structure.  KSL is working with the university to provide this degree program, and other programs such as SEAMIST, internationally. 

Programs can be structured to include a broad range of services that are intended to assist our clients in establishing a disaster preparedness capability to meet their specific needs, whether the disasters are natural or man-made.  Programs may require merely providing a proper curriculum and qualifying instructors and professors to teach the curriculum.  In many cases the assistance provided will include planning assist, directing and assisting in practical training and drills, and helping regional universities establish programs of their own.

The SEAMIST program is a hazardous materials management program constructed, under a grant from the U.S. National Institute of Health, to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry.  Any country or region that has an environmental problem in their port and harbors should take advantage of this program.  Until now, this program was only taught to U.S. citizens. 

Home Learning

KSL provides excellent training to those who have interest in training for work in maritime security.  We provide an opportunity for self-paced learning and home or while on assignment.  These courses are reasonable priced, include all necessary materials, have direct contact with our instructors, and the successful student will receive a certificate from Nova Southeastern University with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that may be applied to further university studies.

The International Maritime Academy (Bermuda)

The academy is our newest venture.  Located on the beautiful island of Bermuda, the academy has room for up to 3,000 students.  The academy is operated by Global Maritime Services (Bermuda), Ltd.  The curriculum includes Associate, Bachelor, and Master's level education that can result in a Master of Science Degree in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness from Nova Southeastern University, Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.  The curriculum includes U.K. approved mariner's courses, professional development courses in port security and hazardous materials management, and tactical training for maritime security.  English is the language of the maritime.  Therefore, the students will have full English emersion and receive specialized English as a Second Language instruction.

The education process is  provided in an academy format in which student groups from interested countries will retain their own national heritage and identities while receiving an education preparing them to work in a contracting world.   The courses can be amended to meet the social and national needs of the sending country.  It is expected that a group of students may arrive with limited skills and by the time they complete their education, the can have advanced degrees and skills that will enable them to return and take their places as leaders in their own homeland. 

Although the structure of the academy was designed to provide access to higher level education and practical training to students from developing and stabilizing third world countries.  Students from around the globe are welcome. 

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