Maritime Security Products and Training

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Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL) provides a number of products and educational services related to disaster and emergency preparedness and maritime security. 

We offer:

  • Masters Degree level education in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness with Nova Southeastern University, Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness;
  • Survival Kits with options to meet most needs;
  • Hazardous materials management courses for the maritime environment;
  • Planning and training support;
  • NIJ Level 3A anti-ballistic products;
  • Domestic and international export and brokerage; and
  • Related products to support

Our goal is to enable products that make a difference in disaster survival to reach the hands of all who need them. 

For regions prone to such disasters as tornados and hurricanes, we offer volume discounts so local authorities can their distribution to those who may need them.

Our survival kits are manufactured for us by charitable organization.

If you are looking for survival kits, purchasing from KSL helps at many levels.

To order or for more information, click on the item or line you are interested in.


Our Survival Kit Comparison Guide


Significant Differences between the Ultimate Deluxe and Deluxe  Survival Kits

The 4-person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit       


  • 50 water purification tablets
  • 1 emergency tent
  • 1 blue hand-cranked solar LED flashlight, AM/FM
  •  weather band radio with flashing red light and siren, 
     plus a universal phone charger
  • 1 large first aid kit
  • 1 pair of work gloves
  • 1 Swiss army knife

The 4-person Deluxe Survival Kit 

  • 10 water purification tablets
  • Does not have a tent
  • Contains a small hand-cranked solar powered flashlight
  • 1 medium first aid kit
  • No work gloves
  • No knife

Our Family Evacuation Survival Kit contains all the essential items to support a family or any group of four for three days (72 hours) in an evacuation environment in which mobility, communication, food, safe water, and protection from the elements are absolute necessities.

This survival kit is the ONLY survival kit we have found that is designed to meet the demanding and rigorous needs of a family or any group of four for three days in an evacuation environment.

The kit was designed with the input and direction of Kuhlman Services LLC and Nova Southeastern University, Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, leaders in maritime disaster and emergency preparedness.

These kits were designed to meet global challenges.  Instructions can meet a number of language requirements.

This kit, our best, contains the following component groups that will enable a family of four with two children with the means to survive in a three day’s evacuation (72 hours), providing adequate time to obtain more permanent support.

Our Family Evacuation Survival Kit has several Component Groups necessary for the survival of a generally healthy family.

The Family Evacuation Survival Kit includes redundant systems to obtain adequate drinking water.  The food bars may look small but they pack all of the nutrients and calories needed by the human body. Evacuees can maintain personal cleanliness with its hygiene and sanitation components.  Hand and solar-powered electronics will provide light and charge a cellphone without the need and weight of batteries.  There are containers for personal medications and materials for protection against the elements.  There is even a component with entertainment for children and adults to relieve evacuation stress plus materials for leaving or sending written messages.  Included components will protect against foul weather and provide materials for shelter construction.


Family Evacuation  Survival Kit

Our best family survival kit
Our kit includes over 75 must-have disaster survival items for an evacuation event.


Component groups include:

  • Environment Protection
  • Food; Emergency rations for 72 hours for a family of four.
  • Water; 4 filter bottles, emergency water packets, and purification tablets
  • First Aid
  • Personal Communications; including hand cranked cellphone charger
  • Emotional Stabilization
  • Personal Sanitation
  • Military quality  safety-orange colored backpack
  • Easy carry in an evacuation.
  • Stay safe, warm, and dry.
  • 5 year expiration
  • Hammer Beast emergency tool
  • Gloves, ponchos, emergency blankets, hand cranked/solar emergency flashlights
  • Fire starting steel and waterproof matches
  • Compass and whistle comb

Our Family Evacuation Survival Kit contains all the essential items to support a family or any group of four for three days (72 hours) in an evacuation environment in which mobility, communication, food, safe water, and protection from the elements are absolute necessities

This survival kit is the ONLY survival kit we have found that is designed to meet the demanding and rigorous needs of a family or any group of four for three days in an evacuation environment

NOW! only ..............$247.76

A low price of only $17.39 per person per year.
Ask about our volume discount plans.


4-Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit

(Shelter-in-place type)

This kit is a 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for home or car.

  • This comprehensive emergency survival kit contains effective and reliable emergency supplies to prepare for most disasters.
  • The kit includes food, water, lighting, radio and communication, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter.
  • The  kit Includes a  hand-cranked solar powered flashlight, weather band radio (USA frequencies), and a USB device charger that never needs batteries. The USB device charges smartphones and other USB devices so the family can stay in touch with family in the event of a disaster.

    Now only..........$161.60.

    A small sum for your family’s survival.

Ask about our volume discount plans.

4-Person Deluxe Survival Kit

(Shelter-in-place type)

This kit is a 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for the car.

  • This survival kit contains the most critical emergency preparedness supplies including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for most disasters.


Now only......... $78.40.

The smallest sum for your family’s survival.
Ask about our volume discount plans.

First Responder First Aid Kit
(Designed for field use)

Supports 20-25 personnel

Originally designed to meet the needs of U.S. Forest Service firefighting teams, this kit is loaded with the items essential for first aid team requirements in the field.  Put together into an easily carried in a sturdy hip type carrier, this kit is suitable for use in remote areas for extended durations.

Now only ........ $159.99

Anti-Ballistic Devices   

The Operator’s Line

For security and law enforcement personnel

The Kuhlman Services LLC “Operators Product Line” includes measured anti-ballistic materials suitable for the hardening of any vehicle to tested NIJ Level 3A limits; our product line includes an anti-ballistic replacement for vehicle glass.  The application of this product is assisted by an authorized tactical representative with a proven tactical background who understands his client’s requirements.  This product is provided on a “per square inch” quoted basis.

The line also includes body armor of the same material.  The material is both flexible and light weight.  It costs much less than most comparable Kevlar Products.  Because it actually floats, it is a superior product for marine use.  Our tactical armor includes a tactical quality vest with a drag handle and because of its light weight and flexibility is suitable for wear beneath the operator’s or officer’s favorite tactical vest.

Our body armor line begins at                            $595 per unit. See our “Executive Line” for additional details.

Operator's Vest with harness and drag handle $765. per unit.

Individual 12” by 16” panels are                         $250 per unit.

Custom fitted panels for vehicle upgrades will be quoted individually based upon measurements and shape. 

Traffic or gang duty?

Duties like these may mandate hardening cruiser vehicles to protect the officers within and provide them with adequate cover while entering and exiting their vehicles.  When the only cover for an officer under fire is his/her vehicle that cover must be available and effective.  Also, today’s economy necessitates that vehicles be hardened with materials that are more cost effective than other current systems. 

The MABS system from Kuhlman Services LLC is that product!

The proprietary anti-ballistic system provided through Kuhlman Services LLC meets NIJ Level 3A requirements.  Our product is flexible and weighs a fraction of Kevlar at a fraction of its price.  Being a laminate rather than a fiber, our MABS system can be measured and cut to fit virtually any size or shape necessary for complete vehi cle     

The Executive Line


For the executive on the move or working in a high risk area 

Busy executives and business people often find themselves in potentially dangerous areas without adequate security.  Although it is impossible to provide complete and total security in most public venues, the anti-ballistic products through Kuhlman Services LLC can increase that security tremendously with reasonable expense.

The Executive Line from Kuhlman Services LLC includes the products described in the Operator’s Line for the hardening of limousines and other vehicles.  The line also includes our Executive Vest which can be rapidly fitted to an executive of nearly any size or gender.  This vest can be quickly put on a VIP by a personal protection specialist when in extremis.  The Executive Line is expanded with the addition of an anti-ballistic briefcase or business back pack.  Due to its construction, the cost is substantially lower than comparable products.

Executive Vest begins at               $595  USD

Executive Briefcase begins at      $250  USD

Executive Backpack begins at      $250  USD

Custom fitted panels for vessel upgrades will be quoted individually based upon measurements and shape.  Custom tailored ballistic clothing can be measured and arranged..   

The Mariner’s Line

For maritime security organizations and anyone assigned to security duties

The maritime environment includes vessels, offshore facilities, port facilities, and recreational and charter yachts.  Commercial vessels at work or in transit have become the targets of violent action in high risk areas around the world.  Offshore facilities, especially oil industry facilities, have become greater targets for terrorism and insurgent activities.  Port facilities must handle the activities of large numbers of maritime operations in a confined static environment which makes them ideal targets for a variety of attacks.  Recreational vessels often travel into regions where security is in question; and charter yachts have owners and guests of high visibility that have high value items aboard that need to be protected.

Maritime personnel need protection, the facilities need protection, and any product with high black market value must have protection as well.  Personnel with security duties need effective personal armor that is light weight, resistant to all exposures common to the life in the maritime environment including solvents and UV exposure.  These products have easy maintenance and are cost effective  enough for broad usage.  The proprietary products available through Kuhlman Services LLC meet all of these criteria.  Our products have positive buoyancy and can be worn under other required flotation devices and work vests, making them uniquely suitable for the maritime environment.

The oil industry has a growing need for anti-ballistic capabilities for its personnel and facilities.  Kuhlman Services LLC provides anti-ballistic material that can also provide sound and fire resistant insulation capability suitable for use in the industry environment.  It is highly resistance to solvents, chemicals, and UV light.  Panels can be fitted in nearly any size and shape for easy installation.  Support from authorized Kuhlman Services maritime representatives is available.

Port facilities operate security and service vessels and have a large number of operational personnel.  Our products meet the needs of this broad operational complex specific to individual facilities.

Mariner’s Vest begins at $595

Custom fitted panels for vehicle upgrades will be quoted individually based upon measurements and shape'

The Educator’s Line 

For students and educators


We have as a nation experienced shock at the violence perpetrated against our students and teachers in our schools.  We all believe something must be done.  Something has. 

Anti-ballistic panels sized to fit into students’ school backpacks can provide students with an effective “shield” against most pistol shots.  Simply insert the panel into the backpack.  The student can wear the pack on his/her back when escaping or if necessary in his or her front by putting the pack across his/her chest.

Teachers can provide protection for themselves and their charges by having a vest comprised of two panels in a one-size-fits-all vest which is light weight, comfortable, easily stored in a classroom environment, and extremely effective.  Teachers who desire can take advantage of the executive briefcases and backpacks described in our Executive Line.

Student Backpack begins at        $250 USD Panel only or $380 with stylish student backpack.

Executive Briefcase begins at      $250 USD Panel only or $400 with black or brown briefcase included.

Executive Backpack begins at     $250 USD Panel only or $380 with gray or black backpack including panel and laptop sections.

Individual 14” by 16” panel at    $250 USD per panel.  These panels may fit a student’s current school backpack.

Available Books

Marisector publishes its own books for public use and information.  There are currently 6 titles available.

Concepts in Maritime Tactics:  The maritime industry is not the military. This book is loaded with useful information to assist workers, managers, owners, and professional security personnel perform competently in their merchant marine assignments.  The book is filled with tactics to deal with threats from pirates, terrorists, criminals, and civil unrest at sea, in port, and at offshore facilities.  The book can be considered a foundational book suitable to keep aboard as a reference.  Many of the tactics and methods have been successfully tested at sea over an eight year period in regions ranging from the South China Sea to both coasts of Africa.  The remainder have been taken from a number of respected sources and applied to the specific needs of the merchant fleet.  This book is totally unique.

$79.95      Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable.    


Security for Recreational and Charter Yachts:  This book was designed for use by sail and power yacht owners and their guests.  Recreational and charter yachts have unique requirements that begin with their construction for aesthetics and the enjoyment of their occupants rather than carrying out commerce and work.  Interactions with communities and port facilities ashore tend to be quite different than in the commercial industry.  This book will help the yachtsman cope with current threats and prepare for the dynamics of security that leads to the evolution of threats.

$28.95     Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable.         


Awareness for Maritime Security and Safety:  The maritime industry works in the most hazardous environment on earth.  Through this environment passes over ninety percent of the world’s commerce, and commerce equals riches.  Because of the hazardous environment, the attraction of wealth to some unscrupulous individuals, and the availability of choice targets for terrorism, those who work in and around the industry should be aware of these hazards and be able to describe them to the appropriate authorities.  This book is intended to help the public who live near or work in the maritime industry become effective observers and cope with the hazards in and around the industry.                               

$48.95      Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable.   

Basic Course in Maritime Security:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned maritime security duties whether aboard ship or ashore.  It is loaded with the information necessary to understand and cope with piracy, terrorism, crime, and civil unrest.  The course is also a familiarization source for working in an armed offshore environment.  This is a no nonsense manual for a no nonsense course.  The book deals with such topics as the use of a ship’s systems in defense, searches, various attacks and defensive methods, and the handling of a support vessel in a security role.

$54.95 Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable.                                      

Shipboard Security Team Officer/Leader:  This is the manual for a course of instruction for use in training maritime professionals assigned to maritime security leadership duties aboard ship or ashore.   

  • Many security leaders assigned to ships have been hired for their weapons capabilities and not their familiarity with the maritime industry.  This has led to errors in which innocents have been killed.  This is a problem that this manual helps resolve.
  • Leadership in a multi-cultural environment requires a unique set of learned skills.  The teaching of these skills is an essential factor for successful training on any vessel.  This manual supports many of these training skills. 
  • In this manual are additional tactics, a tested decision making process, a discussion about where a leader’s authorities are codified along with various explanatory excerpts.

      $54.95     Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable    

Firearms in the Maritime, Practical Tactics:  Much has been said about the capabilities of defensive fire in the maritime industry.  Most of the comments have been negative.  To meet the needs of the maritime industry Castle Shipboard Security Program provides a university certificated training program to develop the skills unique to this industry.  In an industry over 4000 years old with traditions dating back prior to standing armies and navies, it is essential that security personnel understand the industry’s interactions and needs.  Engagements at 200 or more meters are often inappropriate, yet this is the military norm familiar to most security personnel.  This manual is for use by maritime personnel assigned to armed duty and as pre-deployment training for maritime security personnel. 

$28.95     Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable     


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